Value of Membership

Membership to any one of the four associations is voluntary and open to all individuals or businesses who have an interest in the South African subtropical fruit and nut industry. Our member-database is made up of farmers, producers, processors and exporters as well as other industry role players and service providers.

The associations are all run by growers, for growers and each enables the industry to achieve things that individuals are unable to achieve on their own, with the view that in the long term, what is good for the industry, is good for the individual.

Services provided to members include:

Production and Post Harvest Research
Technical and Extension Services
Cost Effective Services
Market Development
Market Access
Local Market Reports
Provision of Marketing Information
Liaison with government and other bodies
Trade and consumer awareness campaigns
Study Groups



If you are interested in becoming a member of one of the above associations or require more detailed information, please follow the links provided above to visit their website.

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