Subtrop manages the affairs of the SA Avocado, Litchi and Mango Growers’ Associations.
Subtrop Marketing Symposium 2018 Happening Today

7 November 2018

Ingwenyama Conference and Sport Resort

About Subtrop


The South African Subtropical Growers’ Association (Subtrop) is an association of associations that manages the affairs of the South African Avocado (SAAGA), Litchi (SALGA), and Mango (SAMGA), Growers Associations. Membership of these associations is open to growers ranging from smallholders to large corporate operations. Activities of Subtrop and its members associations are largely funded by grower members, through levies on local and export market sales.

With offices in the picturesque Limpopo town, Tzaneen, Subtrop co-ordinates many activities for the common good of the industry. Technical staff are also stationed in satellite offices throughout the subtropical regions of South Africa to ensure that relevant services are provided to growers.

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